The Molecule Theory Introduction

So I've got this problem. I see a system that could elevate the gross miscalculation of folks that the learned judgment of others is in fact valid. So many generations have stated repeatedly that some group or another is worthy of condemnation based on learned hearsay, without any other thought or effort on their part. So society says or religion communicates that these are not okay behaviors and it's wrong to behave negatively towards the group that are singled out. As good as a "NO SMOKING" sign to a smoker, or that liquor, gambling, and sex are governed by the do-gooders. I could use a larger list! Only when conscious judgment can be influenced with logic. Don't nm out in the street and mom paddles your ass.

I don't know if anybody remembers the show "All In The Family" & "Archie The Bigot". So I met a guy who drank at the bar that I worked. He told me that he was Archie and when he saw the show was embarrassed to be that guy. And that showed me that people cru1 change with better or believable information.

We are as a group attempting to work together with variables as immense as life itself. The aspects of being are fanned at conception. It's like sentient orbs all flow together to make life and proceed to be as we are. Science is learning that things are not as they appear and energy never stops.

Imagine the song "Imagine" as the way of things. A Brotherhood of lives living as one in all the worlds. I heard John Lennon say he never knew where the song came from. I don't know what makes me so convinced that the Molecule Theory is a step we could take without mentioning it. I don't know where it comes from to be honest.

The Crazy Horse Moment was started with the hope that those who came after would embrace the whole project. I'm hoping physics professors will encourage students to find the Molecule energy in all life. In the meantime it seems a proper belief for our time, being as the life we live never stop always be forward. As often as we can be! Einstein sought the unified field theory which is in the neighborhood. I hope this night be my chance too! This needs to be mapped out too. Physics professors need to send out projects for molecule energy that we all get, all lives that adjusts to all forms not just us. A random play that is constant is flow. Flow of constant random is life. Each of us can flow through life, that is, every molecule is transitory before, during, and after our lives. The ultimate simplicity as nature intends moves constantly using its expanded universe theory to guide all things. Nothing is wasted it always comes around again, name something that isn't. As is in the case of snowflakes, all are different and yet still snowflakes. Life lives and the ingredients of life are the same as different when filling a new vessel. A process like gravity is natural as is the nature of life, ingredients flowing to each living organism as has always been / if the natural environment is conducive to make snow - it snows.
So I must apologize, no matter how much good something will do and it must be done. Most everybody is going to hate it. And fight it even if it's right in front of them. The universe or whatever is having us here, so it must be trusting to us as well.

35 plus years tending bar, listening to people talking about their different parts but never really identifying that's what they are doing. But listening over and over the truth sneaks in. We are talking about each aspect of our being but not identifying it as such only because that insight has been omitted as a topic to observe. Our natural law of being free is only enhanced by the notion of energy molecules that pass to and from us, the natural universe is included in our own little universes. The natural law is the law!

Everyone can see it everywhere! So say it isn't so and I don't see it will soon become the new Emperors New Clothes story (is the Emperors New Clothes really about our denial?) there just it enough evidence to say it came from Grandpa. Everything constantly moving expanding.

So nature is a random element as if your energy is waiting in the order it was received. Nature energy is not concerned with our fables, it is still using natural selection, trial and error. It doesn't care if men are feminine or women masculine, at times in nature this could be a value. Ordinary or autistic each have their time. Nature is on geologic time so shut up, be happy, be here now on the way to what is next. There's no truth in saying we can't see it. I worked as a bartender for 35 plus years seeing the results of nature's play. I'm saying we all see it so let's appreciate it. We don't get it all from Grandma or Grandpa, or even Ma and Pa.

The energy molecules of life are transitory at all times - before, during and after life. To embrace the ultimate simplicity of their moment/movement is a way of letting go to what is always next. Trees in Sequoia National Park are over 3000 years old.